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Metawear Token The Fashion Bridge Between Two Worlds.

In a 3,000 billion dollars (3 trillion dollars) Industry, learn, transform, design, display, sell virtualized collections for both worlds. Transform textile manufacturing and marketing methods for the Planet Earth. Metaware Design Academy | Where people learn, digital design and transform textile industry for both worlds. Metaware Design Offices | Where talents all around the world design and transform fashion industry for both worlds. Metawear Fashion Shops | Where you can buy and wear NFT secured, real world brands and collections in metaverse.


For Real World Textile Industry

We change textile sector’s sampling, manufacturing, pre-ordering and selling habits with the help of cutting-edge fashion design technologies.

By-passing Modelling Section

Controlling, re-designing, marketing and selling even without producing a physical sample. 20% cost and waste reduction in production.

Reducing Sample Traffic

%98,5 Real visuals. Reducing physical sample traffic all around the world. Saving days and millions of USD transportation cost. Preventing pollution of it.

Virtual Pre-Production Showrooms

Reach millions with your design and collection without touching a fabric. Display and sell to the millions all around the world virtually. 98,5% real looks and real movements of fabrics.

Pre-Order and Manufacture

Sell before manufacturing. Receive pre-orders from thousands of end users. Manufacture what you have already sold. No need to manufacture what you will not be able to sell.

Watch & Listen From CEO Speech | PART I

For Metaverse

Since we have created virtualized clothes, while transforming actual textile industry and its brands, why not to create more and sell all in the metaverse.

Transforming Real Brands

Prada, Georgio Armani, Gucci, Valentino, Dolche & Gabanna… Hundred years of fashion design heritage and we are transforming it for digital usage. To display, sell, and wear them in the Metaverse.

Creating New Collections

Metaverse is limitless. When real world brands and designs are not enough for people’s dreams and desires, we create new fashion world for all.

Building Fashion World

Fashion is a life style and huge thing in real world. Road shows, events, competitions, unseen crazy virtual displays, unlimited imaginations and creativity. We will run the biggest fashion organization in both universe and metaverse.

Fashion Sold!

The Biggest and craziest fashion stores. You can buy clothes, accessories, and community memberships. Statue and charisma. Designed by one of our thousands design artist. Seliing in one of our hundreds of fashion store. Buy, sell, trade and live fashion in Metawear.

Watch & Listen From CEO Speech | PART II

We Keep Contributing to The Planet Earth

Our business model works great. More effective production in textile, less pollution and waste. But not enough we keep supporting environmental works. We contribute 2.5% of all our token emissions to the environmental organizations that help recover damages caused by Textile Industry. (See our tokenization and contract)


New Story of Human Being Begins Here?

The First MetaHuman Fashion Model Avatars created in Metawear. Soon, What the will $WEAR (our creations) The whole world $WEAR.

We name them ADAM & EVE because they are first of their kind. Eve will bring beauty and style to metaverse. Adam will show power in whole digital gatherings in metaverse. We clothe metaverse via their forms.

All real word fashion artists and brands will want them to wear one of their creations and collections.


So, What is Metawear?

Metawear is The Fashion Bridge Between Two Worlds.  Fashion for metaverse, Virtualized real world avatars & clothing…


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