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Indistinguishably Real (98,5%), Top Fashion Brands’ Cross Platform Wearable Collections.

Q1 2022 Metawear® Token Crowdsale

  • Acquisition of more Strategic Partners and Private Investors
  • Team expansion and acquisition of more advisors
  • MetaWear® Token Security audit
  • Launching Transformation offices
  • Launching Design offices
  • Public IDO launch & DEX listing & CEX listing

Q2 2022 Metawear® Fashion Mall

  • Navigation Map of the MetaWear® Cross-Platform Fashion Mall
  • MetaWear® design Academy and development with
  • MetaWear® Fashion shops
  • Onboarding 20 Virtual Designers
  • Metamask wallet connectivity

Q3 2022 Metawear® More CEX Listing

  • Metawear® Token Staking incentives
  • Community and Designer badges based on activity
  • Fashion Shows and Designer Portfolio Previews (Exclusive Events)

Q4 2022 Metawear® NFT Shops

  • Launch of MetaWear® NFT assets
  • Launch of Designers Events
  • Design competitions NFT Affiliate system
  • Launch of Designer Events
  • Launch of Private Events 

Q1 2023 Metawear® in London

  • Opening METAWEAR® LONDON Office
  • Development of stores for brands
  • Designer contests and public events
  • MetaWear® ambassador program

Q1 & Q3 2023  Metawear® Events Rules (1 Million People)

  • Fashion Design Competitions
  • Fashion Forums
  • Digital Fashion
  • Roadshows
  • Digital Fashion Shows (3D Avatars and Models)
  • Multi Brand Transformation Exhibitions

Q4 2023 Metawear® in Paris

  • Opening METAWEAR® Paris Office
  • Fashion Tech Events (Fashion Geeks Gathering)
  • Fashion HR Meeting and Job Opportunities
  • Digital Fashion Conferences

2024 and beyond Metawear® Milano & Berlin

  • Continuous development, upgrades, and enhancements of the MetaWear® ecosystem
    Opening METAWEAR® Milano & Berlin Offices

Transforming Top Fashion Brands clothes and collections for to the Metaverse use. Creating NFT 2.0 Cross Platform Metaverse Wearable Clothes & Skins (Indistinguishably Real. 98,5% Real Looks, The Best Quality Clothes as Metaverse Wearables)


Providing Transformation Services to Top Fashion Brands.



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