Frequently asked questions
What is Metawear?

Metawear is an institution providing whole scale services on fashion product and collection virtualization and transformation services to textile industry giants. Watch our white videos.

Where can we buy WEAR Token?

How big Metawear can get?
  • Transformation of Textile Sector Pre-Production and Pre-Order System for every single Textile Manufacturer. (Contribution to the Planet Earth with cleaner production by eliminating unnecessary sample manufacturing.)
  • Finding, Training, Equipping Design Talents and Virtual Transformers.
  • Opening Design Offices, Transformation Offices,
  • Transforming World Wide Well Known Brands to a Digitally Usable Forms.
  • Clothing Metaverse With The Real Brands and Fashion Collections.
  • Opening and Organizating MetaWear Online Fashion Shops where people can buy same set of clothes at the same time, in Physical (for Universe)  and Virtual (For  Metaverse) form.
  • World Wide Virtual Fashion Shows, Design Events, Competitions, Design Weeks and Days. Meeting with millions at the same time. Finding talents from all around the world.
  • Creating new digital collections for metaverse and sell it with NFT authenticated clothes.

So at metawear sky is the limit.  “Actually with the addition of Metaverse usage,  It is not.”

Where is Metawear based?

Metawear was founded in Turkey. (One of the world’s biggest textile manufacturing Hubs)  Q1 2023 London, Q4 2023 Paris, 2024  Milano & Berlin offices will be available.

How can I get involved?

Join our Telegram chat!

Why the name Metawear?

Can’t go naked. We need to WEAR 🙂


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