April 2022


MetaWear | Fashion for the Metaverse Original Article See it On The Crypto Updates The metaverse has become a haven for brands to unveil their products uniquely and gain traction. The virtual universe alongside blockchain has opened the doors for start-ups to have a digital presence and develop their products in ways that connect with […]

Original Article See it On FORBES Who Will Dress The Metaverse? Anne-Christine Polet, founder at Hatch and Stitch. GETTY   The metaverse. Take a leisurely stroll on the internet and I’m sure that you’ll come across it. It’s a term that is being used to describe a future where our physical lives and our digital lives […]

Original Article See it On The New York Times What to Wear in the Metaverse Late in October, when Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the rebranding of Facebook as Meta, he did so in an immersive video designed to reveal his vision of the future in which virtual he, Mark Z., gave a virtual tour of all of the […]

Original Article See it On GQ Magazine Why Is Fashion So Obsessed with the Metaverse? The year is 2045. You’re walking around Manhattan—provided it’s still above water—wearing a pair of glasses that share data about the people, places, and things around you. You run into a friend. “Fire outfit!” you say, because your friend’s outfit […]

Original Article See it On Business&Time Metawear Token The Fashion Bridge Between Two Worlds. In a 3,000 billion dollars (3 trillion dollars) Industry, learn, transform, design, display, sell virtualized collections for both worlds. Transform textile manufacturing and marketing methods for the Planet Earth. Metaware Design Academy | Where people learn, digital design and transform textile industry for […]

Original Article See it On publish0x Venture Capital Firms Back MetaWear to Bring the 3 Trillion Fashion Industry into the Metaverse The internet is full of the meta craze these days and tons of platforms are already working on providing people with the opportunity to live a completely virtual life where they can be anyone […]

Original Article See it On Coinpedia MetaWear: Introducing New Digital Fashion Brands In The Metaverse Over the past year, the demand and value of products in the metaverse has grown exponentially as blockchain technology bridges the gap between the real world and the virtual universe. From collectibles, virtual land, and gaming, the metaverse is signaling […]

Original Article See it On Investing.com Cross Platform Digital Fashion Shopping Mall for the Complete Metaverse Wearable Industry The concept of the metaverse, though not new, has taken on a completely new meaning in the past few months, thanks to the merging of virtual living with blockchain. For the first time, people willing to spend […]

Original Article See it On CyrptoMode MetaWear Has You Covered. What Will You Wear in the Metaverse? Now that the metaverse is becoming a real and tangible concept before our eyes, attention is beginning to shift from whether it is possible (it clearly is) to what details will exist in it. People are now buying […]


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